Office for Nuclear Regulation

Basic safety standards for radiological protection – ‘Community of interest’

14 March, 2012

ONR continues to work with HSE and an established network of stakeholders to understand the impact of a proposed new ‘Basic Safety Standards for Radiological Protection’ (BSS) Directive on the UK.

Stakeholders can join an online ‘Community of Interest’, available via the HSE website, to share information, and to find out about ongoing activities and events, like those planned for 8 and 9 March.  These meetings will explore a recommendation, included in the proposed Directive, made by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), for a dose limit for the lens of the eye 7.5 times lower than the existing occupational dose limit. The meetings aim to inform the UK’s negotiating position on this issue. 

To join the web community, or to nominate somebody, please send their name, organisation and email address to