Office for Nuclear Regulation

Management of ageing: A framework for nuclear chemical facilities

14 March, 2012

A research report was published on 15 February on the management of ageing at nuclear chemical facilities. Prepared by TWI Limited, the report focuses on the skills required by individuals and organisations and the processes needed to implement effective management of ageing of all assets in nuclear chemical facilities.

Ageing occurs to all items in nuclear chemical facilities and as a result, the ageing of all assets should be considered and managed effectively. Special attention should be given to those items that are critical to safety and production within a plant, specifically those with serious consequences attached if ageing is not managed effectively.

The report is intended as a useful resource for anyone involved in assessment of ageing at nuclear chemical facilities, including engineers, inspectors, asset managers and site senior managers. The report is not an official guidance document, but there is a large amount of practical information included on all aspects of ageing management. It may not be applicable to every site and situation, but it is intended to be useful to all of the workforce.