Office for Nuclear Regulation

Further changes to the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s website

10 August, 2012

In July, we informed you about changes to our website, namely our new home page and ‘about us’ section.

This month, we have launched another main section of the site which has been redeveloped in response to the recent website survey and in line with ONR’s operational delivery programmes.

The new ‘Our work’ section provides more information about the different work strands of ONR, split into three main sections:

  • Regulation and licensing – this explains how ONR regulates the nuclear industry, providing information on licensing and delicensing of nuclear sites, and provides links to the different sites that we regulate. 
  • Key operational programmes – this provides more information about ONR’s six key operational programmes that reflect nuclear industry sectors: Civil nuclear reactors, decommissioning, fuel and waste, Sellafield, civil nuclear security, defence and radioactive materials transport.
  • Cross-cutting topics – There are several other work streams that contribute to ONR’s overall programme of work, including our research and international work, emergency arrangements and safeguards.

This is supported by an improved resources section, which has been re-structured into clear sections, improving accessibility of the pages. As part of this, there is a new ‘corporate publications’ page, which contains all of our corporate strategies and plans. In addition, all reports relating specifically to each site that we regulate are incorporated into a new section entitled ‘site reports’ – this includes stakeholder group reports and project assessment reports.

We hope that you continue to find the revised website useful. If you do have any specific comments or feedback on the changes, please email