Office for Nuclear Regulation

New reactors quarterly report published – Updated

19 November, 2012

The Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency have published their latest Generic Design Assessment (GDA) quarterly progress report. 

It contains detail about the closure of six further GDA issues on the EDF and AREVA UK EPR™ reactor design.  It also provides more detail on the wider design assessment process.

Since this report was written, ONR and the Environment Agency have closed a further nine issues, bringing the total GDA issues closed to 18 and leaving 13 remaining.

You can read about the 18 closed issues here.

Going forward, if the information provided by the requesting parties is right first time, the regulators might be able to close all of the remaining GDA issues before the end of the year.

However, we will not issue a Design Acceptance Confirmation or Statement of Design Acceptability until the requesting party has resolved all of the outstanding issues to our satisfaction and we have completed our necessary assessment.