Office for Nuclear Regulation

Reports detail assessment of new reactor design issues

28 March, 2013

All assessment reports for generic design assessment (GDA)  ‘issues’ identified on the UK European Pressurised Water Reactor (UK EPR) have been published on the new reactors website.

Last year, ONR and the Environment Agency confirmed that the generic reactor design from EDF and Areva was suitable for construction in the UK.

The regulators were only in a position to do this once EDF and Areva had addressed all 31 outstanding GDA design issues to our satisfaction.

After a thorough assessment, ONR and the Environment Agency officially closed each issue, publishing confirmation letters on the new reactors website.  Only once all 31 had been closed were we able to grant a Design Acceptance Confirmation and Statement of Design Acceptability in December 2012. 

You can now read more detail on our assessment of the GDA issues here.