Office for Nuclear Regulation

Inspector recruitment campaign

2 May, 2014

Following ONR’s our ongoing successes from our web only recruitment round we have launched a full media campaign for Nuclear Safety Security and Transport Inspectors (the first time we have combined all areas) on 22 April 2014 with a close date of 26 May 2014.

We will be advertising in the following journals and on the following sites over that period:

  • Chemical Engineer
  • TheIET
  • Structural Engineer
  • New
  • Journal of Radiological protection
  • Physics world
  • NCE jobs
  • Materials World
  • Quality World
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

For this campaign we have increased the combined use of hard copy journals and websites and we are advertising in some new areas to hopefully increase our applicant pool.

We also have a new look advert reflecting out new brand which will direct people to the ONR website where there are details of the roles and how to apply.