Office for Nuclear Regulation

Hunterston B granted reactor start-up consent

1 October, 2014

EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Limited, the licensee of Hunterston B nuclear power station has applied to ONR for Consent to start-up Reactor 4 which has been in periodic shutdown since 1 August 2014. During this time examination, inspection, maintenance and testing and plant upgrades have taken place. Whilst some of these activities can take place when the reactor is at power, many of them require it to be shutdown.

The licensee’s arrangements require that periodic shutdowns are carried out every three years at each reactor at Hunterston B, providing the opportunity to undertake such activities. On completion of a periodic shutdown the reactor concerned cannot be started up without Consent from ONR.  ONR specialists have completed their  inspections of the work carried out are satisfied that the licensees justification to start-up the reactor and operate for a further period of three years is adequate.