Office for Nuclear Regulation

Sellafield Ltd makes asbestos improvements

5 May, 2015

Sellafield Ltd has complied with an Improvement Notice for managing asbestos at the Calder Hall facility at the Cumbrian site.

The Improvement Notice was issued in November 2014 following an ONR inspection of Sellafield Ltd’s arrangements for managing materials which contain asbestos at a number of locations at the site.
The inspection included a review of the licensee’s arrangements for identifying the location and condition of asbestos and focused on how Sellafield Ltd manages the risk to prevent harm to those working in affected buildings. ONR concluded that improvements needed to be made.

ONR is now pleased that significant progress has been made at Calder Hall to manage asbestos and that Sellafield Ltd has met all requirements of the Improvement Notice.

ONR will continue to monitor how well Sellafield is managing asbestos containing materials during future visits to the site.