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ONR hosts Spark! competition winner

25 October, 2016

Jonathan Hart and Adriènne KelbieJonathan Hart and Adriènne Kelbie

An international prize winner gained an insight into the work of the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) during a work shadowing opportunity with Chief Executive Adriènne Kelbie and a team of Mechanical Engineering specialists.

As an employer committed to developing young talent, ONR hosted Rolls-Royce engineer Jonathan Hart for two days as part of his prize for winning the inaugural Spark! Contest earlier this year.

A Franco-British competition inviting young professionals and students to produce innovative thinking on an energy related topic, Jonathan and Rolls-Royce colleague Brett Longstaffe won first prize for their essay focussing on the hypothetical challenges facing the nuclear fuel cycle in 2040.

Jonathan said: “It was a great two days with ONR and I’d have loved to have spent longer. My day shadowing Adriènne was a fantastic opportunity to experience the variety of different interactions a senior leader in the nuclear industry faces and to gain some career advice. On the second day it was really valuable to spend time with ONR’s mechanical engineering specialists to gain an insight into their regulatory work.

“For people like myself at the start of their career, opportunities like this are incredibly valuable and I am grateful to ONR for hosting me.”

Jonathan joined Rolls-Royce in 2015 after completing the two-year ‘nucleargraduates’ programme, a national scheme to attract talented individuals into the UK nuclear sector.

Having recruited 21 of its own ‘nucleargraduates’ over the last three years, ONR is committed to developing young talent by employing graduates as Nuclear Associates en route to becoming fully-fledged inspectors.

ONR Chief Executive Adriènne Kelbie, who will be part of the judging panel for next year’s Spark! Contest, said: “I am a great believer that leaders have a personal responsibility to develop those around them, so it was a pleasure to host Jonathan.

“His enthusiasm for learning shone through, he asked lots of questions, and he was comfortable giving feedback – all great attributes that suggest he will continue to take every opportunity to develop himself and his organisation.”

Entry to the Spark! Contest 2017 is now open.

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