Office for Nuclear Regulation

Belarus stress testing leadership

13 November, 2018

As a world-leading regulator, we’re often called upon to use our experience to influence nuclear safety globally. After Fukushima events in 2011, the European Council requested that the safety of nuclear power plants in the event of extreme conditions such as earthquakes and floods be reassessed. These assessments are referred to as ‘stress tests’.

Earlier this year, our Chief Nuclear Inspector Mark Foy led an international team of 17 experts on behalf of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) in an important piece of work to peer review the results of a stress test of the nuclear power plant in Belarus.

The report produced by the team highlighted various good practices and made recommendations to the Belarus government for ensuring that the Belarus plant continues to improve nuclear safety.

Mark said: “It was a privilege to lead the team of experts on this important work by ENSREG. Being able to contribute to and influence improvements in nuclear safety internationally is important, particularly when supporting emerging nations such as Belarus beginning a nuclear power programme.

“Heading up such a distinguished team of European experts over the last nine months has been challenging but mutually rewarding.”