Office for Nuclear Regulation

International recognition of Dr Mina Golshan

13 November, 2018

This month, Dr Mina Golshan, Deputy Chief Inspector and Director of our Sellafield, Decommissioning, Fuel and Waste Division, chairs her first International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Waste Safety Standards Committee (WASSC) meeting. One of five IAEA safety standards committees, WASSC plays a key role in the development of international standards in the safety of radioactive waste and spent fuel management – and the appointment of a chair from the UK reflects our international reputation as a regulator. Mina’s selection as WASSC chair also increases gender diversity amongst IAEA safety standards committee chairs.

Mina’s contribution to the nuclear energy sector was also recognised in the prestigious Fem Energia 2018 awards in which she was awarded the first prize for ‘Women working in the nuclear energy sector’. Fem Energia is supported by EDF France and WiN Europe with the aim of celebrating the contribution and achievements of women in the nuclear energy sector in Europe.

They promote women’s participation in the sector, giving more visibility to the careers and contribution of women in scientific, technical and technological nuclear energy-related occupations to help attract more women into the industry. Mina commented, “As a woman who has spent her career in science and engineering, I’m privileged to be able to use the international platforms my career has given me to demonstrate that the nuclear industry provides enriching and rewarding career opportunities which we all can enjoy.”