Office for Nuclear Regulation

Introducing new SyAPs security plans

13 November, 2018

In 2017, we introduced new Security Assessment Principles (SyAPs) for the civil nuclear industry, to help industry respond to ever-evolving challenges.

With three dutyholders we’ve been piloting new SyAPS-aligned security plans. Our original proposal was for all dutyholders to submit revised plans to us by the end of 2018. However, it’s taking longer than expected for dutyholders to develop high quality plans and for us to assess them.

We believe it’s more important to do this right than fast. We are giving dutyholders more time and more detailed guidance to develop their plans. We’ll also take a bit more time to assess plans. This means that the work will take longer than expected – we aim to have all plans approved by the end of 2020 – but we believe this is a more pragmatic approach.

In the meantime, sites are working to their existing ONR-approved plans. These are different from the SyAPS-aligned plans – SyAPS plans will be less prescriptive, for example – but they are no less secure.

Meanwhile, the publication of SyAPs has been a factor in the UK being ranked No1 in the world for security and control measures in the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) Nuclear Security Index.

Underpinned by its civil nuclear security regulatory framework, the UK was rated equal first for theft security and control measures, and first for sabotage security and control measures.

Paul Fyfe, Deputy Chief Inspector & Director of our Civil Nuclear Security (CNS) Division, said: “The rating by NTI is a welcome endorsement of the steps the UK is taking to enhance civil nuclear security. Actively engaging with the NTI team to explain ONR’s approach and the benefits of outcome focused regulation paid dividends and we’re proud of ONR’s role in helping the UK to achieve the top ranking.”