Office for Nuclear Regulation

Promoting inclusion

13 November, 2018

With its 40/30 target – expecting companies to achieve a 40% female workforce by 2030 – the Nuclear Sector Deal leaves no doubt that gender diversity is a keystone of the nuclear agenda, and ONR intends to lead by example, in creating a more inclusive organisation.

We’re doing well, with a majority female board and a female workforce of over a third, which has increased by 5% since 2014. Our Chief Executive Adriènne Kelbie leads from the front as patron of Women in Nuclear UK (WiN UK) and Ambassador for POWERful Women. She has spoken across the country and the globe about how attitudes and behaviours – no longer policies and processes – must now change to create inclusive cultures that get the best out of everyone.  As an active mentor to dozens of women and young people, she recently hosted a POWERful Women mentoring event in ONR’s London office.

Mid-career women from across the energy industry – from consultancy to power generation and government – shared their sticky issues, asked questions about topics such as leadership, working styles and imposter syndrome, and heard about why your comfort zone is not your friend. Adriènne said, “Supporting retention and career progression of women in the energy industry is vital to an inclusive sector. There is much to do, and I’m proud to be leading ONR in the right direction.”

As for the mentees, they were unanimous in their appreciation for an inspirational session that challenged them to do things differently to get the best out of their careers. One has already got a longed-for promotion!

Gwen Parry-Jones, Board Member for POWERful Women, said: “The POWERful Connections Breakfasts are a vital part of our work in advancing gender diversity within the energy sector. Aspiring women benefit from extremely useful career advice and support from those at the top of the industry and we are incredibly grateful to Adriènne for contributing time, enthusiasm and great insight to the breakfasts.”

Adriènne’s session was so well received that POWERful Women have used it as the basis of their first ever ‘How To’ blog, How to step outside your comfort zone – and say hello to your potential.