Office for Nuclear Regulation

Regulating proposed new nuclear power stations – keeping you informed

13 November, 2018

We know you’re interested in our regulation of proposed new nuclear power stations, so we’ve teamed up with the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales to produce a regular bulletin with the latest updates.

It provides information about regulation and the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process. In brief:

Hinkley Point C:

We granted permission for nuclear safety-related construction to start at Hinkley Point C in Somerset in March 2017 and are regulating the construction of two UK European Pressurized Water Reactors (EPRs) at the site.

Wylfa Newydd:

We are considering Horizon Nuclear Power’s site licence application for the company to construct and operate two Hitachi-GE Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs) at Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey.

Sizewell C:

NNB GenCo (SZC) Ltd intends to apply for a nuclear site licence to construct and operate an EPR power station at Sizewell in Suffolk. At this stage we have a low level of interaction with the Sizewell C project, providing NNB GenCo (SZC) Ltd with regulatory advice in order to assist in development of its forward plans.

UK HPR1000:

Step 2 of the UK HPR1000 GDA, which is the first formal assessment step, began in November 2017. We are on target completing Step 2 this month. At the end of Step 2, as for all previous GDAs, we’ll be publishing reports on our assessment so far.

Advanced Nuclear Technologies: The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has provided ONR £5m and the Environment Agency £2m to build the capability needed to regulate these new technologies effectively. We’re reviewing regulatory processes and guidance to ensure that they’re fit for purpose and advising BEIS on its Advanced Modular Reactor programme.