Office for Nuclear Regulation

Corporate Plan for 2019/20

14 May, 2019

Sarah HighSarah High, Finance Director

With just one year of our 2015 to 2020 Strategy remaining, we are well on the way to achieving the vision and delivering our strategic intent set out in our five-year plan.  But that depends on another busy year for everyone!

Our Corporate Plan 2019/20 reinforces our overarching priority, to continue to deliver efficient and effective regulation of the nuclear industry, holding it to account on behalf of the public. This is in the context of the significant regulatory activity, challenges and uncertainty that our operating environment presents, ensuring proportionate regulation alongside developments in how we regulate innovation. The Plan highlights our other top priorities which include:

  • Embedding a domestic safeguards regime;
  • Supporting the UK’s implementation of revised regulations relating to planning for nuclear and radiological emergencies;
  • Leading and participating in our first full International Atomic Energy Agency’s Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) Mission, to peer review how UK regulation meets international standards;
  • Enhancing our leadership and management, promoting a healthy organisational culture, focusing on organisational values and behaviours; and
  • Delivering change safely and effectively, for example:
    • Reviewing our regulatory processes and guidance, to modernise our regulatory systems through our Well Informed Regulatory Decisions (WIReD) project.
    • Separating our data from HSE’s IT network to our own independent network.

Delivering high quality outcomes against our four strategic themes is essential to ensure we remain trusted and respected across the world, and continue to have a positive influence on nuclear safety (including nuclear site health and safety and transport), security and safeguards.

This year will be challenging but I am excited about the opportunity we all have to reinforce ONR’s status as a world-class regulator, protecting the public and society from harm.

I am confident that in delivering the commitment and ambition set out in our 2019/20 plan, we will also satisfy the vision and strategic intent of our 2015 to 2020 Strategy and put in place our new Strategy for 2020-25, building on the strong foundations of the past five years.  You can read about what is coming up this year in our Corporate Plan.

Sarah High
Finance Director