Office for Nuclear Regulation

Introduction to Mark McAllister

14 May, 2019

Mark McAllisterMark McAllister, ONR Chair

I am delighted to have joined ONR in April, and grateful for a very smooth transition from ONR’s outgoing Chair Nick Baldwin.

I have a background in engineering in high hazard industries, with personal involvement in pioneering new technology and a personal commitment to public safety borne out of the tragedy of losing my brother at the Hillsborough disaster.  So I’m fully committed to public safety, and to ONR’s collaboration with others to embrace new ways of working and innovation.

I believe it’s important to be visible and to listen to those we work on behalf of and I have already started a busy programme of meeting with our stakeholders, which will increase over the next few months.

In this first month, I’ve also met staff in our three locations and chaired my first Board meeting.   I’ve been struck by the calibre and can-do attitude of our people, and the palpable cohesion and drive of the Senior Leadership Team.  ONR has a bright future!

Mark McAllister
ONR Chair