Office for Nuclear Regulation

Chief Nuclear Inspector gives view on industry performance

5 November, 2019

Mark Foy, ONR Chief Nuclear InspectorMark Foy, ONR Chief Nuclear Inspector

The Chief Nuclear Inspector, Mark Foy, published his first- of-a-kind view on the performance of Great Britain’s nuclear industry during 2018/19.

Overall, Mark is satisfied that, overall, the nuclear industry has continued to meet the required high standards of safety and security to protect workers and the public.

However, we have specifically challenged industry to deliver improved performance on three key themes:

  1. Management of ageing facilities
  2. Conventional Health and Safety
  3. Delivering a holistic approach to nuclear security

We also recognise a number of challenges which require continued focus over the coming year, including:

  • Increased attention at defence weapons and propulsion sites, notably Devonport naval base and the Atomic Weapons Establishment, where programmes to upgrade ageing facilities have experienced delays;
  • Continued scrutiny of Hunterston B power station which features the most advanced symptoms of graphite reactor core degradation in the Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor fleet;
  • Enhanced regulatory oversight at Dungeness B where both reactors have been shut down during the last year due to a range of complex age-related issues which are being addressed by licensee EDF Energy;
  • Ageing plutonium storage facilities at Sellafield which require sustained investment and focus by Sellafield Ltd, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and government.

Mark’s speech from the launch event