Office for Nuclear Regulation

Updated Safety Assessment Principles published

15 January, 2020

We have updated and published the ONR Safety Assessment Principles (SAPs) document, to incorporate some relatively minor revisions.

The revisions made to the SAPs (Revision 1, January 2020) concern minor typographical corrections and updates to reflect changes to the UK’s nuclear regulatory framework since 2014. This includes the following updated references to statutory instruments:

  • REPPIR 2001 amended to REPPIR 2019
  • COMAH 1999 amended to COMAH 2015
  • EPR10 amended to EPR16
  • RSA93 amended to Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018 (EA(S)R)
  • The Nuclear Installations (Excepted Matter) Regulations 1978 amended to the Nuclear Installations (Excepted Matter) Regulations 2017
  • Land Use Planning updates to paragraphs 122 and 123 to reflect REPPIR 2019.

ONR inspectors use the SAPs, together with the supporting Technical Assessment Guides (TAGs), to guide regulatory decision making in the nuclear permissioning process. Underpinning such decisions is the legal requirement on nuclear site licensees to reduce risks so far as is reasonably practicable, and the use of these SAPs should be seen in that context.

The SAPs document is commonly referred to by dutyholders, and others, and the document is among the most frequently downloaded on the ONR website.