Office for Nuclear Regulation

Dounreay – Inspection ID: 50040

Executive summary

  • Inspection date(s): 12/07/2022

Purpose of inspection

This intervention has been planned following ONR’s follow up enquiries into the Sodium Tank Farm excursion at PFR in April 2022 which identified potential shortfalls into the control and supervision of operation on site. ONR last inspected LC26 at DSRL in March 2022 which covered the corporate arrangements so this inspection has focussed on the implementation of these arrangements at various projects across DSRL. This will review the adequacy of the implementation of DSRLs control and supervision of its own staff (Sodium Tank Farm Recovery Operations) and subcontractors on small projects (WVN Project at PFR) and large projects (DCP Store Extension) .

Subject(s) of inspection

The following actives were the subject of this inspection:

  • LC 26 – Control and supervision of operations (RAG rating: Green)

Key findings

This inspection reviewed the implementation of the DSRL Control and Supervision arrangements for setting to and undertaking work on the nuclear site across a range of projects where DSRL staff are undertaking the work directly (PFR Sodium Tank Farm Recovery), where DSRL has direct control of sub contractors (PFR WVN Rig installation), and where a sub contractor has been brought in as the principal contractor (DCP Store Extension).

During the inspection we reviewed the processes for controlling work, walkdown the relevant plants areas, and spoke with the DSRL, JGC, and Grahams staff responsible for controlling, overseeing, and undertaking the work on their respective sites. The systems in place were implemented effectively and met relevant good practice detailed in ONRs guidance document NS-INSP-GFD-026 (LC26: Control and Supervision of Operations).

Overall, I am satisfied that, in the areas inspected, the level of governance and oversight in the preparation, issue, and implementation of the documentation used for the conduct of operations across site met relevant good practice. Supervisors demonstrated a clear understanding of the hazards associated with the work being undertaken by their teams and the wider implications of this work on nuclear safety.

Judgements made

Overall, based on the evidence sampled. I judge that DSRL has adequately implemented its control and supervision arrangements, within the areas inspected, and award them a rating of Green – Adequate.