Office for Nuclear Regulation

Hinkley Point A – Inspection ID: 50706

Executive summary

  • Inspection date(s): November 2022

Aim of inspection

The intention of this ONR inspection was to conduct a Licence Condition (LC) 11 Inspection at the Hinkley Point A (HPA) site on the 15 November 2022 at the time coincident with the site security Regulatory Evaluated Demonstration Exercise (REDE).

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC11 – Emergency arrangements – Rating – Green

Key findings

I carried out an LC11 inspection at the Magnox Ltd Hinkley Point A site. I reviewed the arrangements for LC11 compliance at the site. During the inspection, ONR safety inspectors did not lead the exercise evaluation, as per a normal LC11 demonstration but observed the internal regulator conducting their evaluation. However, as ONR safety inspectors were present should there have been any significant safety concerns during the demonstration of licensee’s emergency preparedness arrangements, these would have been raised during the end-of-exercise feedback session to the Site Director.


In my opinion, the Licensee’s arrangements for compliance with LC11 are adequate and appropriate for the low off-site risk profile for the site and met the expectations of ONR guidance for LC 11. My assessment of the arrangements in place for Internal Assurance by the Magnox Site Inspector (Internal Regulator) found they were adequate. It was my opinion that these provide a level of assurance that non-regulatory evaluated LC11 exercise demonstrations were evaluated to a similar standard to those that are. I therefore concluded that this inspection identified no further matters that may impact significantly on nuclear safety and rated it green with no regulatory issues raised.