Office for Nuclear Regulation

Dounreay – Inspection ID: 50070

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

  • December 2022

Aim of inspection

This is a routine compliance inspection of waste related Licence Conditions (LC), LC32 (accumulation of radioactive waste) and LC34 (leakage and escape of radioactive material and radioactive waste).

For LC32, the aim is to gain evidence and assurance to underpin closure of RI-10509, and target on-going issues associated with fingerprinting and associated waste accumulations.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC32 –  Accumulation of radioactive waste – Rating: Green

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

I reviewed DSRL’s arrangements for generating radioactive wastes and sampled implementation in the D1204 facility. I noted that DSRL has adequate arrangements in place to ensure that waste is only generated if it has a valid disposal route in place and that waste is being generated in accordance with the waste hierarchy.

Overall, I am satisfied that, in the areas inspected, the level of governance and oversight in the preparation, issue, and implementation of the documentation used for controlling the generation of radioactive waste across site met relevant good practice. These arrangements were fully understood and implemented in the D1204 facility and the ATO demonstrated a clear understanding of the hazards associated accumulating waste on plant and the wider implications of this work on nuclear and conventional safety.


Based on the areas sampled I am satisfied that DSRL has adequate arrangements for managing the accumulation of radioactive wastes in line with the regulatory expectations detailed in the LC32 TIG and that these have been adequately implemented on site. On this basis I award a rating of Green – Adequate.