Office for Nuclear Regulation

Capenhurst Works (UUK) – Inspection ID: 52065

Date(s) of inspection:

  • December 2022

Aim of inspection

The focus of the intervention is on the effective management of organisational capability including governance, arrangements, and organisational baseline within the context of the current ongoing organisation changes. The safeguards capability will be part of the sample examined.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC36 – Organisational capability – Rating – Green

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

This was a planned LC36, Organisational Capability, Inspection carried out on 13 and 14 December 2022 in accordance with the DFW IIS Plan 2022/23. It was conducted by the Site Inspector, Leadership and Management for Safety Inspector and was observed by the Safeguards Inspector.

A scope for the inspection was sent to Capenhurst in advance of the inspection (REF: ONRW-932509302-2882) and the inspection was conducted against the guidance contained in the extant relevant ONR Technical Inspection Guide, TIG (see NS-INSP-GD-036).

The licensee for the Capenhurst Site is URENCO UK (UUK) and the Site houses two tenants, URENCO National Stewardship (UNS) and URENCO Chemical Plants (UCP). We requested the management of change (MOC) arrangements before the inspection which were provided (REF: ONRW-932509302-2887). During the inspections each organisation presented their arrangements separately including MOC and Nuclear Baselines (REF: ONRW-932509302-3363 and ONRW-932509302-3362).

We were briefed on potential future changes that would further integrate the organisation and governance of the three legal entities on the site, referred to as “One Capenhurst”.  One Capenhurst includes the establishment of shared services across the three organisations. Linked to One Capenhurst is an initiative known as “Matrix Optimisation” which is potentially a strategic change for URENCO which includes. Capenhurst. A Paper of Principle is being prepared for this change, which will be followed by a series of MOC proposals.

Positive Feedback

  • The UUK MOC arrangements have recently been up-dated using an external consultant and I judge that they are aligned to ONR’s guidance and relevant good practice.
  • The UNS and UCP MOC arrangements are going through a process of alignment with the updated UUK arrangements. I judge that this will bring the arrangements into alignment with relevant good practice.
  • The UUK baseline had recently been re-justified following the establishment of shared services. It is positive that the baseline has been re-justified to align with the activities on site and that it is being maintained as a live baseline.
  • The UNS baseline is in the process of being re-justified and is currently going through internal due process.
  • Under One Capenhurst the site is aiming to reduce complexity by establishing one set of arrangements and processes for the people to follow.

Areas for Improvement

  • UUK acknowledged that there were challenges in providing resources to support the engineering projects and they are planning to increase capacity. Therefore they lack resilience in this area. The development of a site management plan and the associated workforce plan will be key to matching UUK’s ambitions with a suitably experienced and qualified workforce.
  • Further work is required to develop the KPIs so that they accurately reflect the areas that require management attention.
  • There was a lack of clarity and definition of the organisation structure which Capenhurst aims to establish on completion of the One Capenhurst programme of work.

ONR Advice

The plans for One Capenhurst and the Matrix Optimisation will be subject to further regulatory oversight. ONR wants to understand the progression and ultimate objective on completion of the One Capenhurst programme. ONR expects to have early sight of the Paper of Principle before any of the proposed changes are enacted.

Overall Inspection Rating

From the totality of the evidence sampled we were content that a ‘Green’ adequate inspection rating was appropriate.


Overall, I judge that UUK and its tenants have adequate arrangements for managing organisational change. UUK From the totality of the evidence sampled we were content that a ‘Green’ adequate inspection rating was appropriate.