Office for Nuclear Regulation

Bearl Equine Clinic Limited (Site) Transport – Inspection ID: 51843

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

  • April 2023

Aim of inspection

To judge compliance against the requirements relevant to this duty holder.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • Transport (Non-nuclear) – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Appropriate management system – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Contingency plans in accordance with IRR Reg 13 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor subsection 1.8.3 ADR – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Local rules Reg 18 IRR17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Radiation Protection Adviser Reg 14 IRR17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Radiation Risk Assessment Reg 8 of IRR 17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Training – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Transport documentation – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Vehicle Requirements Part 8 – Rating: Green

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

Bearl Equine Clinic use small quantities of liquid technicium -99m to perform horse scintigraphy investigations.  This is their only radiological practice involving transport. They are a carrier/consignee, receiving the material in pre-filled, loaded, and labelled type A packages from Newcastle infirmary. Discussion and paperwork indicated adequate checks in place on both the hospital and the clinic parts, prior to transport. They use derogation 9 to identify their transport vehicles to emergency services. They have suitable and sufficient emergency plans in place, and when transporting have the required emergency and transport documentation. They have the required expertise and support. I believe this veterinary practice to be low risk, and unless circumstances change or there is an incident do not require a compliance inspection for five years.


See executive summary.