Office for Nuclear Regulation

Sellafield Site – Inspection ID: 52423

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

July 2023

Aim of inspection

This was a joint ONR and EA compliance inspection of the accumulation of radioactive waste arrangements at the High Level Waste Plants (HLWP).


The purpose of this inspection was for ONR to sample evidence of implementation of the Sellafield Limited arrangements for compliance with Licence Conditions (LCs) 32 at HLWP.


To assess SL’s application of Best Available Techniques (BAT) in managing waste arisings from HLWP. The environmental permit requires that BAT shall be used to minimise the activity (condition 2.3.2a) and volume (condition 2.3.2b) of radioactive waste, and to characterise, sort and segregate solid radioactive wastes to facilitate the use of optimised disposal routes (condition 2.3.3b).

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC 32 – Accumulation of radioactive waste – Rating: GREEN

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

I targeted this joint Environment Agency (EA) and ONR LC32 inspection on the adequacy of the implementation of the arrangements for minimising the production, recording, storage and disposal of radioactive waste at the Sellafield’s Ltd HLWP facility.

Through sampling the arrangements, discussions with facility personnel and a facility walk down, HLWP provided evidence of the following:

  • The facility had appropriately approved local arrangements in place to support compliance with LC32,
  • The facility was aware of the Waste Management Hierarchy and arrangements were in place to record where radioactive waste was stored within the Facility, including the amounts, durations and form of storage,
  • Disposal routes were identified for all radioactive waste streams generated and dedicated lay down areas were provided for the temporary storage of radioactive wastes on the plant, and
    HLWP was able to identify personnel at the facility against the roles specified in Sellafield Ltd.’s Mandatory Standard for the management of radioactive wastes and these individuals were suitably trained in line with Sellafield Ltd.’s arrangements.

From the areas sampled, I provided some regulatory advice but did not identify any shortfalls in the implementation of the licensee’s arrangements which would necessitate a further inspection of LC32 earlier than currently planned.


Overall, based on the evidence sampled during the inspection, I judge that an inspection rating of Green (no formal regulatory action) is appropriate against Licence Condition 32.