Office for Nuclear Regulation

Torness – Inspection ID: 52798

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

  • August 2023

Aim of inspection

The LC7 inspection is scheduled as part of ONR’s integrated inspection (IIS) plan and will be focused on recent incidents on station. The inspection will sample how station implement their arrangements for notification, recording, investigation, and reporting of incidents which occur on station. A progress update meeting is also requested for RI’s- 8820, 11086, 11255 and 11309.

The LC10 inspection will focus on arrangements in place for providing suitable training for the different ESOP user groups on site.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC7 – Incidents on the site – Rating: Green
  • LC10 – Training – Rating: Green

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

This inspection at Torness power station focused on the arrangements (and the implementation of those arrangements) that have been established for licence condition (LC)7 incidents on the site relating to a fuel route pond maintenance incident and LC10 training associated with training requirements for the ESOP upgrade programme. A progress update meeting was also undertaken for regulatory issues (RI’s) 8820, 11086, 11255 and 11309.

During the LC7 inspection I sampled an incident and follow up investigation for an activity where an access hatch had been lifted and the fuel mast was exchanged without all the necessary checks being completed, this included a check to confirm that areas immediately below the fuel mast was clear of fuel skips prior to commencement of the maintenance activity.

The inspection included a plant walkdown of the incident area and an overview of the incident was provided by station staff. A follow up discussion was held outlining the process for selecting the investigation team, how the investigation had been categorised, what the apparent, route and contributing factors identified were identified, and a sample of the adequacy of the actions raised (including close out criteria) to prevent recurrence was also undertaken.

The inspection provided me confidence that stations investigation of the incident was well considered and adequately identified the apparent and root causes. I was content that the actions completed following the investigation would ensure risks to workers would be minimised and help prevent a recurrence.

Progress update meetings were held to discuss 4 regulatory issues which had been raised during previous LC7 inspections. Following the evidence gathered during the inspection, I was content that sufficient improvements had been undertaken to consider close out of all 4 regulatory issues.

The LC10 aspect of the inspection sampled the training and SQEP requirements identified for station user groups involved in ESOP, these groups included operations, work planning and nuclear safety group teams at Torness.  Following the sample I found that adequate training arrangements are in place for the different user groups. A number of minor observations were raised which were conveyed to the licensee in the post-inspection de-briefing meeting.

From the sample inspected, EDF Energy NGL adequately demonstrated the implementation of their arrangements established and an inspection rating of green was assigned for LC’s 7 and 10.


ESOP LC10 arrangements

The inspection demonstrated LC10 Training arrangements in place for different user groups of ESOP (Operations, Work planning, NSG) at TOR.  I found that adequate training arrangements are in place for the different ESOP user groups. Therefore, in my opinion, an inspection rating of GREEN is merited against LC10 (Training).

I identified a number of points of good practice but also made a number of observations, which were conveyed to the licensee in the post-inspection de-briefing meeting.

LC7 Incidents on the Site

From the evidence sampled during the inspection, Torness adequately demonstrated the implementation of their arrangements, adequate improvements have been made to the associated processes which were demonstrated during the inspection and an inspection rating of GREEN was assigned for LC7.