Office for Nuclear Regulation

Wylfa – Inspection ID: 52746

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

  • September 2023

Aim of inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to gain assurance that Wylfa’s arrangements for compliance with the legal requirements of LC28 (Examination, inspection, maintenance and testing) and LC32 (Accumulation of radioactive waste) and their implementation comply with legal requirements.  The LC28 aspects of this inspection will focus on plant that is used for radioactive waste management.  The inspection will be joint with ONR/EA/NRW.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC28 – Examination, inspection, maintenance and testing – Rating: Green
  • LC32 – Accumulation of radioactive waste – Rating: Green

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

This was a joint inspection undertaken by ONR and NRW.  This IR covers those aspects of the inspection that fall within ONR’s vires only.  NRW has provided a separate report.

The purpose of this inspection from ONR’s perspective was to gain confidence that Magnox Limited (ML) is compliant with Licence Condition (LC) 28  – Examination, inspection, maintenance and testing (EIMT) and LC32 – Accumulation of radioactive waste at the Wylfa site.

I conducted a planned 1.5 day inspection of the Wylfa site together with an ONR Nuclear Liabilities Regulation (NLR) specialist inspector on 5-6 September 2023 to examine the adequacy of the site’s LC28 and LC32 arrangements and their implementation.  The LC32 inspection focussed on the implementation of arrangements to manage wastes with reference to the corporate primary implementation document PD-026 (Management of Waste) and site-specific implementation documents identified in Wylfa’s Interface to PD-26. The inspection covered the operational management of LLW (through to consignment off-site for disposal), the interim storage of the existing inventory of ILW and the process for developing the waste management approach for waste arising from decommissioning projects.

The LC28 inspection focussed on the site’s examination, inspection, maintenance and testing arrangements under MCP (Management Control Procedure) 19-1 part B and its implementation on site via the “Passport” system.  This was based on taking a sample of equipment important to safety and understanding how its EIMT was planned, managed, and conducted.  The inspection of the current implementation of the arrangements comprised discussions with key Magnox Ltd personnel, examination of a sample of equipment records, and a site walkdown.


LC32 requires the licensee to make and implement adequate arrangements for minimising so far as is reasonably practicable the rate of production and total quantity of radioactive waste accumulated on the site at any time and for recording the waste so accumulated.  I am satisfied that this inspection merits an IIS rating green (no formal action) against LC32.

LC28 requires the licensee to ensure that all plant which may affect safety receives regular and systematic examination, inspection, maintenance and testing (EIMT). I am satisfied that this inspection merits an IIS rating green (no formal action) against LC28.