Office for Nuclear Regulation

Springfields Works – Inspection ID: 52888

Executive summary

Date(s) of inspection:

  • October 2023

Aim of inspection

Demonstration of Springfields site emergency arrangements.

Planned emergency exercise demonstration covering the site response to an incident involving safety and security. This is a planned inspection and addresses the requirements of the site Nuclear Licence Condition 11 Emergency Arrangements as well as the requirement of the site COMAH permit and Security plan.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • LC 11 – Emergency arrangements – Rating: GREEN

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

Springfields Nuclear Fuels Ltd undertook a level 1 (site level) emergency exercise on 3rd of October 2023 to demonstrate the site emergency arrangements as required by its site licence under the site Licence Condition 11 ‘Emergency Arrangements’ and the enactment of the site security plan.

The exercise Daytona scenario proposed by the site entailed the recovery of an injured person following the loss of Uranium Hexafluoride containment within the cylinder washing facility. The dutyholder’s scenario was realistic and challenging and required the emergency response to consider and control the chemotoxic and radiological hazards posed by the uranium hexafluoride release.

Whilst the exercise was mainly based around a safety emergency, ONR also considered the response incorporating sufficient considerations of the security element.

ONR has observed the exercise in several key locations to assess the adequacy of the arrangements, the capability and capacity of the licensee to respond to the emergency effectively and swiftly.

Exercise Daytona’s declared objectives were achieved and the emergency situation was brought under control in a timely manner with the support of the external emergency services.
ONR identified some areas of good practice and made some observations which will be followed during routine regulatory engagements with the site.

The licensee demonstrated that adequate arrangements are in place as required to comply with the requirements of its site licence condition 11, and on the basis of the level 1 exercise observed and the evidence seen this intervention was rated ‘green’.


It is the opinion of the ONR inspectors observing the demonstration exercise that Springfields Nuclear Fuels Ltd demonstrated that its emergency response was effective to bring the situation under control adequately in an acceptable timeframe.

Despite some areas for improvement, the site demonstrated that adequate emergency arrangements are in place as required under Licence Condition 11 and its site security plan, and successfully achieved the declared objectives of the emergency exercise. On this basis this intervention is rated ‘GREEN’