Office for Nuclear Regulation

University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (Site) Transport – Inspection ID: 52272

Date(s) of inspection

  • December 2023

Executive summary

Aim of inspection

The purpose of the inspection was to review compliance of the dutyholder’s arrangements for class 7 radioactive material for road transport, covering consignor and carrier duties.

Subject(s) of inspection

  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Appropriate management system – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Contingency plans in accordance with IRR Reg 13 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor subsection 1.8.3 ADR – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Designation of Controlled or supervised areas Reg 17 IRR17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Emergency arrangements – Rating: Not rated
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) IRR17 Regulation 19 additional requirements – Rating: Not rated
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Local rules Reg 18 IRR17 – Rating: Not rated
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Radiation Protection Adviser Reg 14 IRR17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Radiation Risk Assessment Reg 8 of IRR 17 – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Security Plan – Rating: Not rated
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Sub contract arrangements – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Training – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Transport documentation – Rating: Green
  • Transport (Non-nuclear) Vehicle Requirements Part 8 – Rating: Amber

Key findings, inspector’s opinions and reasons for judgement made

The inspector identified a number of examples of the dutyholder meeting relevant good practice in reducing risk to levels that are ALARP, including a suitable Radiation Risk Assessment, Radiation Awareness Training, Contingency plans and Transport Documentation.


The inspector identified three non-compliances and discussed these during the inspection, relating to Radiation Risk Assessments, Training and Vehicle equipment/loading.

Of these only one was significant enough to raise the individual activity rating to amber, as such overall the inspection has been rated green.

These non-compliances should be reviewed and either addressed or a schedule of work to address them be provided by the dutyholder by the 31st January 2024.